UNO Crypto Currency
Scarcest & Rarest Coin 
Permanent Tradability 

UNO is a ground breaking new crypto
Fast - Block time is 15 seconds only
Unlimited - no limit on block size
Unlimited Transaction Volume 
Transaction is guaranteed instant execution
Secure - Proof of Stake mining
Scarce - only 1 Million coins in Circulation
Rarest - Mining reward is 0.000001
Total mining world wide is 1 UNO in 6 months
Future Proof - 2 Billion Coins Reserve
Permanent Market Place -

 UNO Advantages

Uno is a crypto like no other
Fast - 15 Seconds Block Time
Secure - Proof of Stake Mining
Expandable - No block Size Limit
Reliable - Unlimited Transaction Volume
Transaction is guaranteed instant execution
Scarce - only 1 Million coins in Circulation
Expandable - 2 Billion Total Coins
Rarest - Mining reward is 0.000001
Total mining world wide is 1 UNO in 6 months
Liquidity - Permanent Market Place
Transparent - Block Explorer
Open Source Project

UNO Eco System

Trade on Exchange

UNO has a permanent Listing on the COIN-X exchange so you're guaranteed to be able to trade the coin permanently

Download Wallet

Wallets for all platforms
Windows, Mac, Linux
Android, iPhone
iPad & Surface 
Secured by Github

Source Code on Github

UNO is open source project hosted on Github
you can inspect the source code so you can be sure about its transparency

Block Explorer

use our block explorer to check any transaction you made and verify other transaction on the network
Complete Transparency

Getting a Wallet

Download a wallet from the download link
Install Wallet
Generate Receiving Address
Buy UNO at
Start Trading

Start Trading

Use the block explorer to verify how much money you have in your cold or hot wallet. check transaction execution and verify how much money is in any wallet or trace funds that belong to you or 3rd parties

Creating a greater level playing field

Technically coins with proof of work mining is open to everybody.
But the sad truth is that to mine coins like bitcoin you'll have to purchase equipment in the millions and even that doesn't guarantee you'll have a return on your investment
Proof of stake is based on how many coins you hold regardless of the computer power you have. so if you have enough coins you can mine with any computer
Crypto like bitcoin are very slow as their block time is 10 minutes and transaction fees are high. UNO has a fast 15 seconds block time and low transaction fee of 0.000001 UNO. this is in contrast to bitcoin with much higher fees and Ethereum with fees that can go up to to hundreds of dollars. moreover on Ethereum a transaction can take a very long time unless you pay a very high fee and transaction can be delayed many hours. Likewise bitcoin has a fixed block size that if get to capacity your transaction will be delayed to the next block and so on. UNO have no block size limit and therefor execution is instant and guaranteed to execute on time.
UNO is the coin that fixes everything that is bad or missing in Bitcoin & Ethereum
UNO is a coin for everyone and not the privileged few that have millions to spend for mining. Join the revolution. get UNO and start trading/

What you get

Global Coin

Global Exchange

Graphic Interface

Fast Execution



Elevate your business


Integrate UNO into your business via the UNO API.
expand your earnings ability by accepting UNO at your store checkout.

Elevate your business


UNO is only based on wallet addresses so you're guaranteed 100% anonymity and privacy to protect your money. 


UNO can be integrated into any application in the market as an API is available. 
UNO can also be integrated into any web site check out or purchase page.
You can integrate UNO in endless ways and increase your user base.


UNO is a global crypto currency and can be purchased with any Fiat Currency.
Buy UNO with any currency and sell it for any other currency.
UNO is really a global coin

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UNO is the rarest and scarcest crypto currency in existence.
Very limited supply that keeps demand high but with reserves for future expansion. super fast and very secure coin that gives the user assurance and ease of use with ability to do instant transaction for e-Commerce.


Bitcoin is not suitable for on the go e-commerce transaction as 6 confirmation takes 1 hour so you cant grab an item and pay at the check out register which is a huge disadvantage. it will never be suitable for instant transaction. UNO transaction time is 15 seconds and 3 confirmation takes 45 seconds which is perfect for on the go transaction and instant trasnfer of value. it can be used anywhere on the go without any delays

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